Parseval and Forthuber Houses

The picture shows the house in the Speyerer Street No. 50, where August von Parseval was born.The famous aviation pioneer August von Parseval was born in Frankenthal in 1861. The house, where he was born, is located in the Speyerer Street No. 50, a classical building erected in about 1815 with a shop built in in the late 19th century.

Since the turn of the century the successful constructor had developed non-rigid taught airships, the so-called “Parsevals” which were built on a shipyard in Bitterfeld. Parseval died in Berlin 1942.


The picture shows the Forthuber House.The town’s oldest residential building still preserved is the Forthuber House in the August-Bebel-Street, named after his architect, which was built in the second half of the 18th century in 1765.

It is a single-storey, symmetrical plastered building with a mansard roof and a sandstone structure, recently renovated by conserving the external appearance.


  • La maisons Parseval et Forthuber
  • Dom Parsevala i Forthuberta
  • Parseval- und Forthuberhaus

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