Welcome to the town full of charm and flair where everything is easily accessible 

Frankenthal is such a beautifully-built town, one of the most impressive in the whole Palatinate, thus enthused the poet August von Platen about Frankenthal in the year 1815. Not only are the 50,000 inhabitants convinced that this statement is still valid, but they really appreciate the particular quality of life and the unmistakable ambience there.                                                                  

Frankenthal is known as an attractive, lively and thriving middle town in the metropolitan area of Rhine-Neckar. It is a town full of joie de vivre, uniting Palatinate humour with optimism and open-mindedness.
Although the town was nearly completely destroyed in the Second World War, it is well-worth going there on a voyage of discovery. 

On the following pages you can whet your appetite a little before visiting us. We look forward to seeing you! 

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