Zwölf-Apostel-Church (Church of the Twelve Apostles)

Zwölf-Apostel-Church (Church of the Twelve Apostles)

Imposing Appearance in the City Centre

The picture shows the Church of the Twelve Apostles.Bordering to the east on the ruins of the former collegiate church of St Mary Magdalena, the Protestant Church of the Twelve Apostles is located on its former choir chancel. It was built as the “Big Protestant Church“ in the years 1820‑23 together with the Romantic Tower. The plans were made by the district building architect Philipp Mattlener, a pupil of the building director Friedrich Weinbrenner.  

After its destruction in the Second World War the interior was newly designed and the burnt out spire was replaced by a new tower roof. The plans were made by Georg Pick and Hansgeorg Fiebiger. The outside of the hall building has been kept in its contemporary classical form, the eastern entrance is marked by a monumental portico. 

Inside the rectangle of the exterior walls an oval wreath of columns has been put into the modern designed interior, supporting the ceiling and the galleries as well as the pulpit and the organ. The high-quality reconstruction combines features of the building of churches in the 1950s with those of the classical style.

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