Memories of "Stephan Cosacchi" and the "Sugar"

The Stephan-Cosacchi-Place south of the Gate of Speyer is located on the site of the former sugar factory (called “the sugar” in the vernacular), which was founded by the Karcher brothers in 1843 and was destroyed in the Second World War.

The picture shows the Stephan-Cosacchi-Place with the adult education centre house and the music school. The municipal Children and Youth Office is situated in the former lodge, today. The music school and the adult education centre house in the restored administration building. The building, probably erected around 1890 and rebuilt in 1910/11 (Hermann Billing, Karlsruhe), is an impressive long-stretched-out two-storey building with a lavish portal porch and a flight of stairs. Over it is a stone coat of arms, which melts together elements of the 18th century with those of the Art Nouveau, alluding to the electorate blazon.


The picture shows the Stephan-Cosacchi-Place with the CongressForum. Opposite is the architecturally interesting CongressForum Frankenthal ‑ built by Baron von Branca, a famous architect of Munich ‑ which was opened in 1990 as a civic hall.  

The place is named after  Stephan Cosacchi (his real name was Dr. István Kozáky), a composer, music pedagogue and musicologist born in Budapest in 1903, who had lived in Frankenthal for a long time where he died in 1986.