Parish Church of Sankt-Dreifaltigkeit (Holy Trinity)

Parish Church of Sankt-Dreifaltigkeit (Holy Trinity)

A Gem of Baroque Architecture

The picture shows the Parish Church of Sankt-Dreifaltigkeit (Holy Trinity).The catholic parish church of the Holy Trinity is located directly in front of the western front of the former collegiate church St. Mary Magdalena and completes on the western side the prominent ensemble of the three houses of God in the city centre.

Built between 1709 and 1732 according to the plans of the chief engineer Capitan Villiancourt and the architect Johann Jakob Rischer from Vorarlberg, the church dominates the irregularly shaped market place. The reason for such a long construction time was due to the fact that the catholic parish, which was established only in 1702 in the before purely reformed population, consisted of only a few members at that time. Nevertheless, a prominent site for building was made available to the church only 3 meters away from the front of the former collegiate church. The latter was used by the members of the Reformed Church until its pillage in the year 1689, which evidently confirms the preference of the Catholics by the line Palatinate-Neuburg.

Characteristics are the flatly covered oriented hall construction, the reticent baroque appearance with a strongly retracted apsidal choir chancel and the distinctive ridge turret above the entrance with a bell loft and a lantern.  

Destroyed to its bare walls in the Second World War, the church was reconstructed with slight alterations and new equipment fitted according to the plans of the architect Josef Ochs from Frankenthal. In 1953 the altars of the late 18th century were taken over from the hospital church Baden-Baden.  

After the completion of the two-year extensive external and internal redevelopment in May 2011, the great old St Trinity Church shows itself in a new splendour in the centre of the town.

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