Frankenthaler Porcelain

Frankenthaler Porcelain

White Gold from Frankenthal

The picture shows a typical group of figures of the Frankenthal porcelain.High quality porcelain was manufactured in the Frankenthal porcelain factory in the years 1755 – 1800. This was founded by Anton Hannong from Strasbourg, and it became an electoral property in 1762. At that time Frankenthal was the “Third capital of the Electoral Palatinate”. The quality of this porcelain and its artistic value were equal in every way to that of famous factories of that period. Still today Frankenthal Porcelain has an excellent reputation among porcelain lovers, collectors and museums in the whole world.

Only few towns manufactured this precious product such a long time ago. The factory produced the finest that table culture could offer. The china finished with simple blue motives to magnificent richly painted and gilded specimens, figures and groups of figures give evidence of the painters’ and modellers’ ingenuity; but they also show ancient manners and customs which can still be found today in altered form. Until the official end of the manufacture in the year 1800 its artists spread out the whole world of Rococo and classicism in front of their wealthy clients.  

A collection of precious pieces of Frankenthal Porcelain can be admired both in the Erkenbert-Museum and on the first floor of the council hall.

You will find more about the precious products on the German pages about the Frankenthal Poreclain.