Theatre, cinema, disco

Theatre, cinema, disco

The picture shows the logo Theater Alte Werkstatt.Theater Alte Werkstatt e. V.
(Theatre Old Workshop an assoc.)

Dialect Theatre in the shopping centre
Wormser Str. 109
67227 Frankenthal
Telephone: 06233/354 826



LUX-Cinemas FrankenthalThe picture shows the cinema interior of the Lux cinemas.

August-Bebel-Str. 7-9

67227 Frankenthal

Telephone: 06233/ 27 110



The picture shows the CongressForum.Congress Forum Frankenthal

Stephan-Cosacchi-Platz 5

67227 Frankenthal

Telephone: 06233/ 4990



DiscoFashion Party 4 copyright by Gerd Altmann - .jpg

JOY Club & Tanzcafe Mambo (coffee house with a dance floor)

Wormser Str. 119

67227 Frankenthal (Pfalz)