Tasks and targets

Tasks and Targets

Working together to achieve success

Changing basic conditions in the course of globalisation, continual economic structural changes and the emerging demographic developments are new challenges which a modern and efficient economic promotion has to cope with. Classical elements of municipal economic policy such as stock caring, establishing enterprises or the commercial real estate management must be replenished today with further so-called “soft“ locational factors.  

A consistent site marketing within the bounds of a coherent corporate identity or an innovative cluster and network management are examples illustrating this and which are essential as a result of the growing international competition.

Therefore the objectives for the next years is to support the structural change in order to strengthen the economy and to continue to develop the site to be competitive and well-prepared for the future.

In order to guarantee this, the Economic Promotion Company Frankenthal, Ltd. (Palatinate) [Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Frankenthal (Pfalz) mbH] was founded in 1997, focusing in close cooperation with the town on the following areas of responsibility and is at your disposal as a competent service and coordination centre:


Stock caring

Establishment of enterprises

Area and property management

Setting up of self-employed business activities

Site marketing

Promotion of trade and traffic

Project development and management

Observation of the economical development