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The picture shows the logo Theater Alte Werkstatt.Theater Alte Werkstatt e. V.
(Theatre Old Workshop an assoc.)

Dialect Theatre in the shopping centre
Wormser Str. 109
67227 Frankenthal
Telephone: 06233/354 826



LUX-Cinemas FrankenthalThe picture shows the cinema interior of the Lux cinemas.

August-Bebel-Str. 7-9

67227 Frankenthal

Telephone: 06233/ 27 110



The picture shows the CongressForum.Congress Forum Frankenthal

Stephan-Cosacchi-Platz 5

67227 Frankenthal

Telephone: 06233/ 4990



DiscoFashion Party 4 copyright by Gerd Altmann - .jpg

JOY Club & Tanzcafe Mambo (coffee house with a dance floor)

Wormser Str. 119

67227 Frankenthal (Pfalz)


  • Théâtre, cinéma, discothèque
  • Teatr, kino, dyskoteka
  • Theater und Kino

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